Yz/01 Yuzu Natural Wax Candle 30cl

Yz/01 Yuzu Natural Wax Candle 30cl

Undeniably fruity, Yuzu is super fresh, crisp and refreshing. Derived from Japanese grapefruit, the Range releases a rush of invigorating, aromatic citrus.


Yuzu (Japanese grapefuit oil) has been carefully blended with other citrus essential oils. They sit within a natural coconut wax to offer an exceptional flame and scent.


Allergens: linalyl acetate, linalool, limonene, geranyl acetate, phenyl ethly alcohol.


The jar is frosted glass with a bamboo wooden lid and can be refilled using Loggique’s unique candle refills. Click here to discover more about them


The candle jar is 85mm in diameter and 100mm tall.


30cl = approximately 70 hrs burn time