It’s #worldmentalhealthday and it’s print release day.

I’ve got 50 limited edition smileys and 20% of each sale is being donated to @mindcharity charity.

Print size 50cm x 50 cm. Print only rolled and sent in a tube , all prints are signed numbered and dated.

Do one thing. Donate today.

The pandemic has put the mental health of millions at risk and many still aren’t getting the support they need.

But with your help we can provide information and support and campaign for better mental health services for everyone – whatever their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or class.

Together, we can build a society that fights for the mental health of every last one of us.

Mental health is as important at as physical health looking after both keeps the harmony. Lots of things help me…. painting, exercise, waking the dog, shifting focus, reading, getting enough sleep, eating properly, music, voicing my feelings, sitting with my feelings and processing them, stepping away from technology and social media.