Ch/03 Christmas Diffuser 100ml
  • Ch/03 Christmas Diffuser 100ml

    This is the scent to cuddle up by the fire with!. It was commissioned to be the scent of Hygge for the Copenhagen Tourist Board. Its warm sensual undertones of jasmine and cinnamon are grounded in the fresh notes of cypress and cedar wood.


    Allergens: coumarin, linalool, cedar wood, alpha-iso-Methylionone, pinenes and d-Limonene.


    All our diffusers are vegan friendly and avoid using Augeo which is reputed to be tested on animals. The base for the scent is perfumers alcohol and dipropylene glycol base (a non-toxic  emulsifier).


    Most of the allergens are naturally derived from the essential oils.

    This intense diffuser lasts over 3 months.


    The diffuser bottle (without reads) is 65mm in diameter and 70mm tall and does not come boxed.