Ch/03 Christmas Candle 44cl Cedar and Jasmine

Ch/03 Christmas Candle 44cl Cedar and Jasmine

This is the scent to cuddle up by the fire with!. It was commissioned to be the scent of Hygge for the Copenhagen Tourist Board. Its warm sensual undertones of jasmine and cinnamon are grounded in the fresh notes of cypress and cedar wood. Enjoy after a long day with a hot drink or a wee dram by the fire.


Allergens: coumarin, linalool, cedar wood, alpha-iso-Methylionone, pinenes and d-Limonene.


All our candles are made with primarily essential oils but blended with non-toxic floral and citrus fragrance oils. Most of the allergens are naturally derived from the essential oils.


The candles are made with the highest quality coconut oil. They burn cleanly at a low temperature (52 degrees) thereby releasing the scent strongly, smoothly and with no sooting. 


It comes boxed with ribbon and the lid is protected with a cover to ensure no finger marks!



90% Coconut Wax and 10% scent.


44cl burns for 80 hours.


The candle jar is 95mm in diameter and 110mm tall.