Ch/02 Christmas Diffuser 100ml
  • Ch/02 Christmas Diffuser 100ml

    This highly unusual scent is designed for clients who do not like sweet smelling diffusers and candles. It blends a number of different wood notes such as vetiver, fir and pine to create a candle which transforms the aroma of a room into a clean forest walk with only a hint of floral notes. Reminiscent of a Scandinavian Boutique Hotel, it has proven obsessional for clients who love it.


    Allergens: benzyl salicylate, citronellol, eugenol, linalool, bergamot, vetiverol. cedar wood and alpha-hexylcinnamaldehyde.


    All our diffusers are vegan friendly and avoid using Augeo which is reputed to be tested on animals. The base for the scent is perfumers alcohol and dipropylene glycol base (a non-toxic  emulsifier).


    Most of the allergens are naturally derived from the essential oils.


    Protect surfaces from spillage from the diffuser.


    This intense diffuser lasts over 3 months.


    The diffuser bottle (without reads) is 65mm in diameter and 70mm tall and does not come boxed.