Ch/01 Christmas Candle 44cl Clove and Orange

Ch/01 Christmas Candle 44cl Clove and Orange

Designed for the Savoy Hotel in 2017, this signature candle is blended with the highest quality citrus scents such as tangerine and bergamot but rounded with clove and vanilla to create a warm sensual aroma. The base notes are cedar leaf and a hint of frankincense to deeper and ground the blend. The scent of Christmas is encapsulated from the start. (Allergens: cineole, citronellol, geranyl acetate, cedar wood and Siberian fir oil). 

All our candles are made with primarily essential oils but blended with non-toxic floral and citrus fragrance oils.


Most of the allergens are naturally derived from the essential oils.


The candles are made with the highest quality coconut oil. They burn cleanly at a low temperature (52 degrees) thereby releasing the scent strongly, smoothly and with no sooting. 


Once fully burned, the jar can be refilled using Loggique’s unique candle refills.


It comes boxed with ribbon and the lid is protected with a cover to ensure no finger marks!


The Rose Gold Lid matches the outer jar perfectly but since the inside is electroplated in silver, an alternative Silver lid option is provided below should you wish to contrast.


90% Coconut Wax and 10% scent.


44cl burns for 80 hours


The candle jar is 95mm in diameter and 110mm tall

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