I've always loved being creative, especially when it involves colour. Neons and pinks being my favourites. Before children, I worked as a graphic designer for 10 years and really loved the industry. That's when I first started my love affair with colourful images and bold typography. My other loves include (but are not limited to) spending time with family and friends, I thrive off the energy of others. The sea particularly the Suffolk coast, if ever I need to escape that's where you'll find me. Fashion and homewares are high up my list too. I love how wearing a bright coloured sweater makes me happy. Equally sitting in my cosy lounge surrounded by rich velvet cushions and glowing candles brings me joy. Curating nice things makes my heart sing, so along with my artwork, I have added a section on the site where you can shop some of my favourite things.  


Painting was always a hobby until it took over and became a release after having children. love the feeling of committing my thoughts and feelings to canvas. Capturing how I feel really helps my mind process the world around me. I usually let my paintings establish their own direction, building up lots of lovely layers of colour allowing them to dictate the final outcome. I've learnt that inspiration comes from anywhere, normally where l least expect it and what it leads to on the canvas is my favourite part.



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